Breakfast Rollups

breakfastrollup2.jpgWhen it comes to grub in the morning, Monday thru Friday, I need something easy, fast, mobile, and high in protein. My pre-workout drink gets me thru my early morning work out session, but about 30 minutes after I’ve wrapped up and on my way to work, I’m absolutely starving.

Going thru the drive-thru, or microwaving  something from the frozen isle just aren’t options for me. I’m always looking for different variations to be able to mix into my routine and I think these have definitely made the cut! These are so quick to throw together, you can make them the morning of, or multiple at a time for several days.
Sunday nights in our house, are “low and slow” 🙂 It’s our time to relax, get something slow-cooking on the stove or in the oven. While our dinner is roasting, it’s my time to fill up our counters with a mixture of fruits and veggies that I’m slicing up to go in lunches and breakfasts for the week. It’s very methodical for me, and it actually gets my mind right for the work week ahead going thru all of my Sunday steps!

In prepping these, I was very surprised at what little time it took do them, start to finish. Each rollup, takes about 4 minutes to make, and yes, that includes cooking time! Little bonus here is that you can make each one different, allowing you to have a new combination every day, simply by subbing out one ingredient! Peppers, spinach, cheese variation, ham, bacon, options are endless!
We have a local spot in town that makes fresh tortillas that are my go to, but I’ve also found some really great Gluten-Free ones at Aldi that I’ve become partial to as well, that I used in this round!breakfastrollup3.jpg

Breakfast Rollups
Serving Size: 1

1 egg
1 tbsp milk
s/p to taste
1 piece of deli ham or bacon
1 tortilla
2 tbsp of shredded cheese (or as desired)
several spinach leaves

1. Heat your non-stick pan to medium-low. I used a larger pan, about 9-inch, because the size of the tortillas I’m using are 8-inch. (the edges will slightly curl when you cook your egg, so a pan slightly larger is ok!)
2. Whisk your egg and milk together, season with salt and pepper as desired
3. Pour egg mixture into your pan, rotate the pan to get the mixture to fan out. You’ll know that it’s done, after the egg is set on top (you can use a lid to speed up this process as well). Takes 2-3 minutes
4. When the eggs are set, flip the pan over your tortilla. Center as needed and add you ham/bacon, cheese and any veggies desired
5. Rollup!breakfastrollup1.jpg

Engaged, and Eggs: Simple Breakfast Burrito

SImple Breakfast Burrito

SImple Breakfast Burrito

We’re officially moved!! The extended absence was for a good cause, promise. I went from my galley kitchen… to a big girl one! 🙂 Got engaged, bought a house, gutted it, remolded the whole thing. BOOM. Clearly the past month has been quite busy. Today as December 1st, is the season for Christmas Cookies and extensive holiday music and radio that will fill my kitchen… but before any holiday cheer I’d thought I’d  keep it simple in my kitchen that is still working on being put together with breakfast burritos this Saturday morning.

Here along with a simple 10 minute recipe I’ll show you my kitchen swap.Talk about an upgrade..I can’t believe everything I was able to churn out in such a small space before. Kind of crazy when you think that I got everything to even fit in that apartment after moving into our new house!

706243_10151105357681148_1813057218_oOld…..(yes there is a cat in the box….)



Yes, I NEED two mixers.

So there it is…still in the works, and still needs a tile floor, but we’ll worry about that later. We still are in the process of organizing, tossing stuff out, and just learning where everything is….or what we can’t find! 🙂

Back to food stuff, so this breakfast burrito is for one, so double the recipe as you need! Enjoy your December 1st, I hope you all have started your Christmas Cooking List, I have!!

Simple Breakfast Burrito

2 eggs
2 Tbsp Milk
s/p to taste
dash of of Paprikia
dash of Chili Powder
Crushed Red Pepper
2 Tbsp of Chopped Onion
1. In a pan on medium heat, add your onion (I added just a tiny bit of Smart Start butter so it wouldn’t stick) Add your s/p and cook down for a couple minutes.
2. In the meantime, whisk your eggs and milk together, as well as turning your oven on the lowest heat setting.
3.Once the onions have cooked add your egg mixture and turn the heat down a setting, then your spices. Stir occasionally.
4. Remove from heat about 2 minutes before you think they’re cooked thru, add your cheese, and cover with a lid. This will make them fluffy.
5. Put your tortilla on the grills of the oven for about 40 seconds each side. This will toast it and make it nice and pliable and warm.
6. When the tortilla is ready, add your eggs, cilantro, and sriracha, roll up!