Peach-Basil Smoothie

peachbasilsmoothie2I am back on the regime of eating many of my midday meals, solo. Sad for less Brad time, yay for a smaller waistline 🙂 He’s an absolute horrible influence in the food department! He works on his feet constantly, so he could eat a gallon of ice cream, and 2o Butterfingers in one sitting and never gain a pound. *annoying*

I love our local Juice-Smoothie place here in town. However, after much research of trying to prove how it could be healthy, I just couldn’t. Smoothie stops are so delicious and easy, but they are loaded with bad carbs, and empty calories hidden behind a handful of fruit. Juice concentrates, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and excessive amount of yogurt and peanut butter in a 24oz serving is NOT healthy. 24oz? Eekk, that’s a huge serving size.

Unfortunately you can only order the smoothies in 24oz, the got rid of the 12oz option for some reason, which means you’re stuck with (on average) nearly 400+ calories, and 70-90 carbs. They don’t even bother to list the sugar, but given the carb and calorie count you can assume it’s bad. The do mention the WeightWatcher count, and most of them are around the 10pt range, which is crazy high….for a lunch. That average doesn’t even include the drinks that have protein powder, ice cream, or yogurt in them. Yikes.

I feel like every girl is trying to lose that last 5-10lbs, always. Like all the time. If I could have been born naturally slender without trying, that would have been great. But since I wasn’t… I start with a high protein breakfast of eggs with no oil, just salt/pepper, and a homemade healthy smoothie for lunch. Cutting out starches is so hard, it’s my comfort, but I can cut them out easier during breakfast and lunch (the meals I eat alone) than at dinner.

Fruit is expensive, it sucks. Even when your favorites are in season, they’re still expensive. Why is being healthy so costly?? You can go to any fast-food drive thru and find a dollar menu. Wish there was such a thing for fresh, healthy fruits and veggies. I guess that’s what gardens are for, and since I live in Nebraska, that’s sooo convenient year-round. (not!). I don’t shop a lot, I don’t get massages, facials, or my hair dyed/beached/ frazzled, and I do my own nails 80% of the time. That entitles to me to a more expensive grocery carts right? 🙂

OK, here it is- a CHEAP, healthy, fruit smoothie. I bought a GIANT bag of peaches at large box store (like Sam’s or Costco) for $7. That’s a steal. Then I snagged the cheapest apple I could find, which happened to be Gala’s at $0.87 a lb. today, win. I was looking for one more thing to really make the perfect final touch to my drink. Aimlessly looking thru my kitchen for inspiration for the final ingredient to bring it all together, my eyes fell on my wonderful herb corner. Three clips later I was delicately slicing my fresh basil and mixing it in. Perfect.

If someone would have told me they made a Peach and Basil smoothie I probably would have turned up my nose, but glad I stepped out of my normal comfort zone a bit on this one. This smoothie has definitely made its way into my regular rotation after a great workout, cheers!

Peach Basil Smoothie

1 cup of vanilla almond milk

1 small Gala apple, de-seeded and chopped

1 handful (about a cup) of frozen peaches

1 tsp Peanut Butter

3 leaves of fresh Basil, thinly sliced and diced

1. In a blender, add all your ingredients, in the listed order until desired consistency is achieved.PeachBasilSmoothie1


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