Strawberry Compote

strawberrycompote1Enter stage left, spring, finally, well until I was driving thru a blizzard a few days ago… I was out-of-town for work this last week and this is what happened- Saturday, I bought 5 lbs of strawberries, because it was $5. Monday morning, I had to leave the state for work for the whole week, just to come back and leave town for the majority of the weekend. You don’t just purchase 5 lbs and let it go bad. You eat as many as you can pop the day before because they are that delicious, and then you freeze the rest for when you get back, duh.

So when you freeze strawberries, and then thaw them out, they get mushy. Most people find this a problem. I’m weird, and I love frozen veggies, and I love partially frozen fruit. Just love it. It’s just a fun texture, soft, yet something you can sink your teeth into and really bite. It also develops just a bit of a twang, a little bit of sour and then a rush of cool soft juices from the center releases after breaking the crisp partially frozen outside. Mmmm.

So again, what do you do with excess partially frozen strawberries that are turning to mush? Strawberry compote! You’ll find yourself silly for buying it off the shelves again for $4 a pop. Make sure to keep that last really neat glass jar of jam you spent to much on, you didn’t want to throw away anyways….then put your compote in it, self-recycling! 

Pancakes, toast, banana/strawberry parfait, ice cream. Do you want you want, just try this next time you grab some local ripe fruit on sale and you just can’t pass up 5 lbs of it. Hopefully you have some strawberries growing in your backyard that allows you to rely on your own labors instead of the grocery store! Also, by ‘labor’ I mean picking them, strawberries are so easy to grow, and they spread… I don’t find this a problem! 

Strawberry Compote:

2 cups strawberries

6 tbsp sugar

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

1/2 tsp cinnamon 

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan, simmer for 20-30 minutes, cool completely then store in the the refrigerator. Stir several times during the process. 



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