Asparagus Week: Jyoti Bowl

JyotiIndian2Like Indian food? Every awesome person does. ‘Cakes’ doesn’t, so he’s not awesome. More than that, the only time I get it is when he’s out-of-town or if I”m at ‘Girls Night Out’. This last week ‘Cakes’ was out-of-town in Vegas for March Madness, and the local HyVee’s here now carry Jyoti. I’ve seen it here for last 6 months or so but haven’t really given it too much attention. BIG MISTAKE.  As you know, I try to stay away from pre-made, boxed, or frozen dinners. About the only thing we keep in our cabinets on the regular is Kraft Mac and Cheese (Cakes would probably get rid of me if I didn’t have them on reserve).

If you’re going to be purchasing goods or meals that are pre-made, at least read the label. Do yourself and your body the favor, all the preservative and sodium levels are usually thru the roof. Well, I picked up the can, I liked the picture (I judge books by their covers too), and I checked the label. Not only do they all have an actual list of REAL ingredients that didn’t stretch a mile long, but they are also low in sodium and calories (almost all of their varieties are gluten and wheat free as well if that applies to you). How else could this brand me amazing, well…it has a great spicy kick, it’s perfect, and everyone needs a little zing!!!

Pssht, OK you got me. I cooked the can and made it for dinner. The pre-made, heat-up meal. Guilty.

I purchased the Jaipur Karhi, or Potato Dumplings in a Buttermilk Sauce. It was actually one of very few that have dairy in them in case you are dairy sensitive. The serving size per can is 4, but i added about a 1/3 cup of water to spread it out a little because it definitely wouldn’t serve 4. I paired my Rice Bowl with some whole grain brown rice as well as,  you guessed it…asparagus.

If you haven’t tried any of the Jyoti flavors….do it, it’s worth the 3 bucks, and it’s delicious Indian food without dropping the $15-20 bucks you normally pay for the same serving size at any local establishment. I

Jyoti Bowl

1 can of Jyoti ( I bought the Potato Dumplings w/ Buttermilk Sauce)

1/3 cup of water

Leftover Shredded Chicken (feel free to omit this)



olive oil



whole grain brown rice

1. Cook your rice ahead of time, because the rest of your meal won’t take but 10 minutes to put together. Also Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Start on med-low heat and heat it slowly, you don’t want to go to fast because it will burn to the bottom of the pan. It still should only take about 10 minutes to heat it, you want to heat it up, not boil it.

3. While the Jyoti is warming, break the ends of your asparagus and toss with a drizzle of olive oil and place on parchment paper on a cooking pan. Sprinkle with salt/pepper, ginger, and cumin. By sprinkle…I mean a couple shakes, you don’t want to over season them.

4.When your rice is finished and the Jyoti is warmed thru, add 1/4 cup of rice to your bowl, top with 1/2 cup of Jyoti, chicken, and your roasted asparagus. The perfect at-home rice bowl, and under 15 minutes!


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