Christmas Excited: Almond Bark

AlmondBark2Almond bark…impossible to screw up right? All you do is heat it up and dip. Oh, and burn your fingers. Just part of the process, don’t worry about it.

I finally figured out that my fancy larger serving Fork works perfect for these! It’s about three times the size of a regular fork and it’s perfect! Grabbing just enough pretzels,but there is a large enough space between the prongs for the extra bark to drip off.

Easiest recipe for people who aren’t savvy in the kitchen, but need something to make for a work potluck or family gathering, I just like them because their pretty and I add red sparkles….I mean sprinkles! 🙂

Confession: I’ve never tried the Chocolate Almond Bark…my Mom always stuck with vanilla, but it was requested….and I’m glad I tried it! Plus….it ALSO goes with my red sprinkles.

*Want to fancy up your Christmas Goods? Dip your pretzels in chocolate like normal. Before they completely dry, use your pretty red sprinkles and also finely (but roughly) chop up some of the vanilla almond bark and sprinkle it on. Yay for festive things!

Vanilla Almond Bark

Vanilla Almond Bark


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