Blueberry-Banana Nut French Toast: French Toastwich!

Oh breakfast, I how I love thee.Yo know what else I love? French Toast. As a kid, french toast was always underneath pancakes and waffles. Now a smart person, and an adult….they’re now at the top. You can manipulate french toast so many different ways it’s just irresistible…and fancy. Fanc-A.

Confession: This recipe came about in an interesting way. While bouncing around on Pinterest I came across a fun looking recipe for Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes. A few minutes later I came across a beautiful picture of Dairy Free Coconut Oat French Toast.  (Both of these come from a blog called Domestic Fits. She’s great…definitely poke around and check out her site, lots of great stuff..) I basically took the visual from the french toast and some of the ingredient ideas in the pancakes, topped with what I had at home on the counter…and viola!! Blueberry-Banana Nut French Toastwich!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before…but, we’re old school syrup users in my family. My dad’s side of the family is German, they usual a traditional sugar-water for breakfast syrup. Equal parts sugar and water warmed up in the microwave and there’s your syrup! Since I tend to make things with flashy ingredients (like this one for instance) I don’t want a crappy store-bought syrup to cover up all the work I went thru by masking all of my ingredients.

I made this recipe for one….so you’ll have to excuse my version of measurements here. Cooking for one means I measure in shakes of spices, handfuls of dry ingredients and splashes of wet…. ha!

Tips: Not a fan of banana? Pick another fruit and substitute like raspberries and mix with ricotta.This will be a great fill substitute. Also, splurge on your whole-wheat bread purchase. If you buy the cheaper ones opposed to the FiberOne type they wont hold up as well. The bread needs to be hearty.

Blueberry-Banana Nut French Toast

2 slices of whole-wheat bread
1/3 cup of steel-cut oats
a handful of almonds (i toasted mine in the oven first)
1 banana
handful of blueberries
1/3 cup of egg whites (you can replace this with a whole egg if you don’t have liquid whites on hand)
4 shakes of cinnamon
1 splash of vanilla (quarter tsp maybe?)
1 tbsp of brown sugar
1/4 cup milk
1 tbsp of steel-cut oats
1. Combine all the ingredients minus the oats, almonds, blueberries, and banana in a shallow dish. Heat up your non-stick pan to medium and soak each piece of bread in the mixture for 1 minute.
2. Put your oats on a plate. Once your bread is done soaking, flip the bread a few times on your plate full of oats so that it gets covered. Then throw it in your hot pan.
3.. In a saute pan mash-up the banana and your blueberries (i reserved a couple to throw on top) and a tbsp of the oats. Cook those all together while your bread is cooking.
4. Once your bread is finished all you need to do is assemble! Bread, banana mixture, your toasted almonds, bread. Top with your reserved blueberries and soak in syrup.

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