Crap Stuffed in Chicken….Carefully: Chicken Roulade

Stuff a bunch of crap in chicken, cook it right, and you have-chicken roulade. Fancy pancy restaurants charges way to much for poking a hole in chicken and putting all kinds of delicious junk in it. Hey….if I could charge 20 bucks a plate and people would gladly hand it over….I guess I would too.

I have to admit…this is my signature recipe. I’ve stuck with for about three years and it has yet to fail me. You know how chefs judge other chefs? Signature recipes, and not sucking. Just kidding. The other one was actually just having consistent (tasting) food- but I suppose it could be not sucking too.

Three years ago, a friend and owner/head chef for a hoity toity restaurant in Dallas, TX was in town and asked what the best dish I could make was. I replied with this one of course… she told me to make it as often as possible until it was perfect and the same every time. I’ve been asked a few times since if I have a signature dish and I’ve been able to reply. (yes) Glad I was given good advice from the start about having something to claim, and voila I a great answer without blinking.

Be good at one thing, and be able to make it consistently…then claim it.  You can give yourself a high-five once in a while, right?. Not hugs…we gave those out for the last post.

You should probably try this one out…It’s actually really easy, and quick, surprisingly enough.

Take your thawed out thick sliced chicken and carefully cut a hole in the side moving the knife around to create a pocket, while making your insertion point as small as possible. (This was a learned technique. Sounds easy, but via many trials over the years the smaller the hole you make the better. Also, the thicker the chicken, the easier it is to do this.) Keep the hole small that way you don’t have chicken yum leakage all over your pan. That’s right…yum leakage.

I usually cook down spinach, asparagus, or broccoli, then add garlic, green onion, and softened cream cheese (or ricotta) in the food processor. If you can do it with a  spoon, awesome…otherwise a quick and easy way to stuff the chicken is to put the cream cheese mixture in a sandwich bag, then cut the tip off like a piping bag and then pipe your cream mixture into the chicken! See, it’s not that hard!

Season the chicken as desired on both sides then flash cook it on medium high heat for about 30+ second on each side until gold brown. Make sure it’s not too high, you don’t want your oil to smoke (I’ve been using Grape Seed Oil…no added flavor and much better for you!), just enough to make a crispy outside. Then pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350 (depending on thickness of the chicken). I usually have extra of the cream cheese mixture left over so for the last-minute or so I turn the oven to broil, and then spread the remaining over the top for added awesomeness.

I usually pair this with linguine with lemon/oil or creamy risotto, here was the latter of course. HEY, before blindly just taking the chicken out of the pan and tossing the rest…don’t for the get the drippings to drizzle around the sides… it’s amazing, and really flavors up the dish!

Go do this…Even if you don’t hang out in the kitchen much and you can pull this off…I  promise. You might get a little messy the first time thru, but I will put 10 bucks that you’ll get a room full of high fives. OR serve it with shrimp, too…crowd pleaser!!! 


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