Red Velvet Cheesecake: Get Emmmm

I found this recipe almost exactly a year ago. I was searching for Valentines Day theme food and I come across these little devils. Chocolate? Check. Cheesecake? Check. Cookie Crust? Check. Festive colors? Check. Homemade Whipped Cream? Check. I’m sorry…..but does anyone see a single thing wrong with anything listed above. NO, you know why? Because it’s everything good in this world wrapped into one. These could be perrywinkle blue and I’d still scarf them down not giving one thought to what they’ll be doing to my thighs.

It’s like… Heaven opened up their gates and beamed down glorified light in the form of dessert. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for cheesecake, and these individual portions just make them all the better. When I originally found this recipe, I made them….loved them, then lost the recipe. It took me probably a month to find it again online. I’m not gonna lie…I’m not posting this one for takers. I’m keeping it my little secret as long as I can. If you find it on your own, give yourself a pat on the back- but in the meantime these suckers are under lock and key. ¬†Otherwise these custom made little delicious devils can be bought and ordered from yours truly.

Until next time…enjoy the pics.

I have two tips for this recipe if you so find it yourself….1. Make them really, really….really fast. Every part of the batter is addicting and you’ll just start spooning it into your mouth.

2. Using oreo’s for the crust makes them even sweeter (if you can stand it) otherwise chocolate or nilla wafers are perfect!

Adding a chocolate accent makes them all the more appealing…not that they need it!


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