Oopsie Balsamic Chicken w/ Cream Sauce

So this dinner was 100% accident in absolutely every way possible. As often as possible can, I purchase the bone in thighs at the store when they blow them out for $2 bucks. You need to cut and pull off the fat…but shoot…for two bucks, how can I say no to 8 chicken breasts. I thawed this frozen package out and then left them in the fridge for a few days…. coming home from work one day it was ‘use or throw away’ time as per it was pushing the date of edibility. Of course I didn’t think dinner over real well before getting home realizing that I had nothing fresh or planned out to combine this with. Although I try to be organized, sometimes some of my best creations come from me running around the kitchen with my head cut off. No plan, just using up stuff in the fridge and see what happens!

For the chicken: After taking about 15 minutes to remove and cut out the skin and fat I s/p them and tossed them in my nifty cast iron. I started scrumaging in the fridge for stuff to make this interesting. Left over tomatoes (from taco night!) sliced bella mushrooms, crushed red pepper, ginger, and diced onion. Thinking it needed just one more splash of yum, I reached for the spice cabinet one more time. Ooooo Balsamic Vinegar! I actually don’t like it very much, but a slash or sploosh here or there always adds an extra savory aspect that I do like.

               Let’s talk: Why isn’t there a smaller pour, or a plastic cover that guards it like soy sauce so you don’t dump the entire flippin’ bottle in? Really? Really? Tell me someone else feels this way!

While I meant to add just a tablespoon or two, I swear I dumped about a 1/4 of the bottle in the darn thing. S***.  Whelp, too late now. Guess we’ll see where this goes later me hoping I wouldn’t have to toss it or ‘fix’ it so I could actually stand to eat it post baking.

I threw the combo of crap in the oven on 250 slow cooking till it was cooked thru. In need of something to combine with the questionable protein, I decided to lean on my steadfast linguine winking its eye at me from the cabinet. For the cream sauce I used a little chicken broth, some of the balsamic ‘extra’s from the pan of the chicken, flour, and a splash of half/half to simmer for about 10-15 minutes then sprinkle of basil to top it off. 

Take the pasta cooked al dente, and toss with the sauce for about 2 minutes on low heat letting it absorb some of the starch to make the sauce stick to the noodles.Bowl, pasta, chicken, sprinkle of Italian cheese, fork…MOUF!  Turns out a heavy balsamic hand led to balsamic chicken with balsamic cream sauce. When bad things go good! 🙂


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