Breakfast in France: Eggs Florentine

Baked Eggs/Florentine & Cinnamon Toast

So after a well rested evening and weeks in waiting to make the perfect breakfast that’s  been on my to-do list for far too long…has now arrived!! I love being able to make something different and a maybe even a little time consuming for breakfast on the weekends. I’ve had this thing for Eggs Florentine for a long time but have never made the time to do it.  The quick recipe search this morning was accompanied by my new favorite tea by Celestial that you have to at least consider. It’s technically green tea (tastes nothing like it…I swear) but it’s Raspberry. It’s light, not too overpowering, and just perfect lightly flavored and delicious! As much as I love my coffee…..tea actually give me more of a jump.

HISTORY: When Catherine de Medici of Florence married Henry II of France, she brought with her several master cooks.  Soon they were introducing France to new foods such as artichoke hearts, truffles, sweetbreads, and ice cream. When Catherine’s cooks served up dishes with the unfamiliar spinach, they were referred to as a la Florentine, after the queen’s birthplace.

To be fair this ins’t totally eggs Floretine… I didn’t want to make a special trip to the store this morning for every correct ingredient and we all know it’s pretty hard for me to follow exact step by step recipes without throwing my own twang on it… BUT it’s definitely my version of such. No spinach or ham here, but parsley, cilantro and pork sausage were the players of choice. I would say this is more a combination of the best parts of Baked Eggs, and Eggs Florentine in one dish–for yo mouf.

Ok here we go…ready for how not-hard this is?! Ramekin, eggs, butter, cream.  These are really the basics to this entire dish. I just threw in some extras for an added bang! In a sauce pan on high, I threw in diced tomatoes, garlic, diced mushrooms,green onions, s/p, red pepper, and took a slim pork sausage out of the link and threw it in as well.  Cook maybe 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile in the ramekin place a 1/2 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of cream (i used 1/2n1/2) and put in the oven on broil until it begins to bubble.
I would also recommend placing your ramekin on a pan of some sort so it’s easier to move in and out of the oven when you check on it. Once the cream/butter starts to bubble take it out and dump you mixture in it. Then carefully crack two eggs over the top, not breaking the yokes. I also threw in just a sliver of cream cheese in between each yoke…seriously….just sliver, like  maybe a teaspoon worth.

Pop it in the oven fro 5-6 minutes depending on the intensity of your broil setting…Mine is out of control and was done at a little over 4. I topped with mozz and cilantro after pulling it out for some added color/flavor.  Make sure you wait at least 1-2 minutes to dive in after it because it’s still cooking after you remove it from the oven. While the eggs were resting I threw in a piece of toast topped with my cinnamon/sugar sprinkle shaker and viola….BREAKFAST!


Easy peasy in under 15 minutes!



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