My New Addiction: Taco Taco Taco!

So for the past…three months give or take, I’ve been officially addicted to tacos. A few years ago I was introduced to chorizo tacos. Simple with hot sauce, toasted tortilla, light cheese, and covered in cilantro. Ever since, I’ve had a new appreciation for the little devils. As of recent, in effort to cut back on time and fat content (in chorizo) I’ve been messing around with different combinations opposed to my normal time consuming meals. I think skirt steak, cilantro, cheese, hot sauce, and a fried egg is my current favorite.  I had purchased some ‘sweet deal’ pork cutlets and they needed to be made tonight…or tossed tomorrow.

Speaking of goals… So whilst driving to work last week they were talking about new years resolutions on the radio…and one of the hosts mentioned that her and her girlfriend decided their goal was to make a monthly goal…and to follow it. So mine is to try and be as gluten free as possible for the remainder of the month in hopes of learning new techniques, tastes, and styles. My dad possibly has celiac’s so this is something that could prove to be noteworthy later on.

In efforts of  trying to really watch what I eat due to lack of gym time after throwing out my back last week, and an awesome fun vacation planned with some friends for my birthday…I need to watch what I put in my grill AND be as gluten free as possible for the remainder January goal.

!Anyway…food. Pork. Cast Iron Skillet (new favorite kitchen toy). Balsamic Vinegar. S/P. Crushed Red Pepper. Chili Sauce. Splash of red wine at the end. Super easy and no maintenance. I seared it for about 30 seconds on each side then put it in the oven at 150 for an hour+, then brought it out, let is rest, sliced it, put it back in the skillet, drizzled red wine over it and then back in the oven at 300 for 25 minutes. Super flavorful and delicious. My intention here was just to have something to make nice little wraps (corn and whole wheat artisan style) or salads for the week at work.

Well it’s Sunday night…SNMC. Sunday Night Movie Club. My two devil monkeys and I are cardholders…the couch is the host. So we’re going to wrap up in a blanket, eat this wrap, and watch my ever so favorite genre -Victorian Era- theme’d “Possession”. Another unrelated side note. I want to make this…b/c I love hot chocolate…so why not have it cold?!! ta-ta


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