It Ain’t Monkey Jerks:It’s Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

Roll Out!

So Friday was yet another food day at work.  I was trying not to make something dessert again or possibly even healthy (this did not work). Annie’s Eats has become my new favorite site to follow, and in her recent end of the year 2011 favorites I found this recipe. Cinnamon PullApart Bread. Turns out everyone I told this about apparently calls it monkey bread. Guess what jerks….it ain’t… I checked. This one is ‘prettier’ and less chunk looking. From what I gathered the only real difference is that this one doesn’t have pecans or any kind of glaze that covers it. So I guess not all that different! 🙂 So I’ll just claim it’s more healthy than monkey bread because it makes me feel better.

I haven’t done many breads other than throwing together some ingredients in the breadmaker and letting it go. For whatever reason, I’m not delicate enough with active yeast. It usually takes me two times to get it to activate…so I always buy the three packs! 🙂 This time around I nailed it the first time thru, so maybe I’m making slow progress…ha! Although this recipe isn’t incredibly difficult, it does take some time and patience to put together.

I followed the recipe pretty close besides waiting another 45 minutes for it to rise after places the cinnamon’d pieces in the pan. It was late and I waited about 15 then threw it in. The strips were definitely thinner and flaky compared to the photos on Annie’s Blog…but I think I made a good choice…I’d much rather have it the way mine turned out anyway. Who doesn’t love flaky delicious! 

Reminds me of croissants…..that needs to happen  too ASAP!  On a side note…I’ve decide the remainder of January I want to put an effort into trying as many gluten free recipes as I can… we’ll see how that works out/tastes!

Here’s her recipe!

Flaky, delicious, cinnamon, sugar….you take one piece and can’t fight but go back for another! Get in your mouf!


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