New Year, More Food!

The new year has arrived! Welcome 2012! I consider this a positive for the past consecutive two years I have made less crappy decisions each year. Adulthood on the horizon…maturity…or just hard lessons learned. Take your pick, shoot maybe a combo of all three….that’d be just lovely. 2011 was the year of crappy box office movies, epic musical genre changes, heart pitter-patters, continual arm scolding on the oven racks, newly found desire for being fit, hot sauce in the eye, and another 12 months of attempting more shenanigans in the kitchen. ‘Kith’tec’ning’ if you will.

Don’t be weary friends, just because the posts have not been weekly per normal doesn’t mean I haven’t attacked this holiday season without pounds of butter, sugar, and flour. Let’s be real here. When my ol’ leg was on the outs….I surprisingly didn’t gain hardly any weight not running my miles every week. I’ve been pretty blessed by making it thru this fair in life and never really having a sweet tooth. I love making everything bad for you, but I’ve never had a problem with with just tasting stuff and giving it away. This December has been the death of me… make, bake, crave. Kimberbutt has returned and back to training and healthy eating for me….or at least if I make naughty goods….I’ll go back to giving them all away.

Let’s make this a post of December’s revisited and the start of January with regular posts returning once again,  and round two post on krispy-get-in-ma-belly-granola bars-perfected.


   So I’ve made black bottom cakes before…but I used the parchment paper muffin papers instead of the normal kind which are about twice the size and the cupcakes just filled right up to the top and turned out HUGE, instead of their normal dainty size… They also looked a lot prettier here because I used less of the cream cheese mixture  and they swirled really nice (I used the spare cream cheese mixture for mini cheesecakes!).
So these MiniPumpkin Pies were good…and were so much more easy to transport than an entire pie. I did get feedback they were a little crust heavy tho. So if you’re a light crust person just roll them out thinner and problem solved. I used my mini cupcake pan which holds 24 to form these and it worked great. However….one can of pumpkin makes a crap ton of these….make sure you bring  them to an establishment of very hungry friends or a busy gathering!

So this new cake changed my cake making life. I’ve never been a fan of yellow cake, but to be fair…had never had nor made a homemade version either. This one was requested for a birthday party and I was hesitant of the new challenge…how to judge something you don’t really like? Well one of my absolute new and favorite go-to blogs does it ( and let me tell you this…coming from a girl who isn’t a big cake or frosting fan…I would have stollen a baby kitten for this cake. The batter, the cake, the frosting….which one was better?!! I can’t decide. First cake in probably close to a year I actually took a slice home for myself for later after the party…It was amazing. Also my definite new go-to chocolate frosting recipe. LOVE THIS! Annie doesn’t do lots of pics on her blog…but she has die-hard recipes. Yellow cake which I would normally never make is definitely my new home favorite!
Pizza rollups. Not as good as my Old Chicago Pepperoni Rolls…but a great quick fix for a food day late night when I didn’t have much time, nor desire to play in the kitchen. Left over ground seasoned beef, cheese, pillsbury biscuits, left over pizza sauce (all from a pizza I made the day before). 10 min in the oven and sprinkled with cheese….easy win!
These were a breakfast item I took to work. Pillsbury Biscuits lined in the bottom, diced tomato, onion, scrambled eggs, chorizo, and cheese. I also add cream cheese in the center if I’m really feeling fat that day.
OK…GRANOLA READY! Here’s the http:/

…it took me two months to refind it! The only parts I actually tho are the krispies, oats, brown sugar, peanut butter, karo, and vanilla. I add dried mango, handful of mini choc chips, and i toast almonds and toss them in as well. I also don’t grease the pan, I just line the bottom with parchment paper. Easy in, easy out!

     + PLUS +

IS THIS!I also had the chocolate krispies on hand and may or may not have thrown them in too!
Happy 2012 and here’s to another year of posting and picturing yums!

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