PITCH: Pitch Coal Fire Delicious!

So once again I ventured up to Omaha this week… giving me the excuse to see some fantastic people and try out some new food! I wish I could get paid to venture around and try out places and just write about it. Food Critic?…yes please.

So Dundee has always grabbed my attention, it’s just full off fun places, good vibes, and delicious simple food that is just done well. It was between Agave and Pitch. Agave supposed upscale Mexican food, and Pitch Coal Fired Pizzaria. Erika put the kabosh on Agave “I’ve had too much Mexican food lately…burnt out” which is great for me…I’m food indecisive. We arrived around 4pm and the place reminded me of a cool, dark, suave (yes suave) basement brick gala that would be in Boston.(East Coast Suckas)  Loved it. It was clean and sheek at the same time… it was bar service only…so we hopped (I gimped and swung) myself up onto the barstools…excited and hopeful for a happy hour menu.

Score: PITCH…is an AMAZING happy hour venue. I know Omahan’s are enamored with Blue because of their sushi and decent happy hour menu….but to be honest…I’m over it. It’s decent at best…more sub par. You want good sushi…Kinja in Lincoln (le sigh..I know Lincoln…get over it) is the place to go. It makes Blue seem like that sushi you can pick-up to-go in prepackaged containers at HyVee. Kinja is more delicate…and they just do it better. Not to mention…more times than not…Blue service SUCKS.

Anyways… Their happy hour is concise and straight to the point. You have three food options: Calabrese Meatballs, Cheese Pizza, and Bruschetta. But wait…allow me disclose a little secret, this isn’t just your classic bruschetta, it’s roasted eggplant relish, basil pesto, grana cheese, and prosciutto. Not to mention there is  handful of martini’s on the menu too….all of these for a mere 5 bucks. Another gift from the sky….they hand you a two full page wine list menu….ALL of which is 50% off… who wants to guess what I ordered..??No brainer… I know. Bruschetta and a bottle of wine (Pinot Grigio), don’t worry…I only had one glass and took the bottle home. Erika (and Caren/Kendall who later joined us!) got the cheese pizza. I’m the kind of person that can look at a menu for 30 minutes and still be undecided…but give me only a handful of options and a to-die-for wine list and I’m golden. This food adventure couldn’t have started off any better.

Within 10 minutes we had our food. (we were the only people in there…to be fair) Mine on a beautifully arranged rectangle plate underneath a bed of rocket and vinaigrette which was also tasty! The bread was sliced incredibly thin, and the toppings were just piled high. I had to scope it out just to figure out how to attack it with my mouf. It was absolute bliss. I encourage anyone in the area to take the opportunity to grab an order of these because guess what…they are NOT on the normal menu…happy hour only!There were so many different flavors going on, each of the alone amazing…but all of them combined together was nothing less than heavenly.  Erika’s pizza came out and was placed atop a large tomato sauce can…very cool…not to mention incredibly smart. They do that to all their pizzas. High five PITCH! It allows for so much extra elbow room and plates to fit comfortably at your table and no chance of touching the hot sides of the pan and burning yourself.

Erika so graciously offered me a slice (Which she claims to be incredibly close to a New York style slice) and it too was anything but disappointing. Although there wasn’t any traditional toppings on it (I’d be curious to try one of their other specialty pizzas) It wasn’t flashy, but it was real delicious! It’s eating something as simple and traditional as a cheese pizza that is a gentle remind for myself in the kitchen, that I don’t always have to dress everything up in the fanciest gear for it to taste good. Sometimes just simple and fresh ingredients is a winning combination. Cheese, Tomato sauce, basil…and that fire roasted crust just hit the spot.

I absolutely can’t wait to go back to this place. Fantastic food AND reasonably priced. I’m definitely not the kind of person that will claim “Hey, let’s go out for pizza” but PITCH is definitely going to be an exception to that from now on. The only decision I will have to make is hitting up the happy hour or the regular menu.  And…service…was spot on. Always a plus in any dining experience when the staff can read what you want or need without having to ask or interrupt you too much.

(They have $25 pizza and a bottle of wine Mon-Tue after 7 by the way as well) If you haven’t tried PITCH… I suggest you scoot over there. Another point on the chalkboard for Dundee!


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