Gum Paste and Fondant: A Work in Progress

So… this next Monday is the final of my private GumPaste and Fondant lessons. Let’s just say off the bat… glad I got a screaming deal…because I feel like she should have taught me a little more.  I did learn some important necessities and techniques…but just figured I would feel like a pro at the end of my sessions. It’s really one of those things were practice makes perfect. In this case…the practice… the products you have to use are EXPENSIVE.

I most definitely have a greater appreciation for those that are ‘fluent’ in fondant and gum paste decorating. I really wish I had more natural artistic ability like Boo (Lindsey) because I feel like these tasks would have been easier if I had a natural knack for it! A really good comparison to fondant is working with clay…except that you have to work very fast because it will hard or crack.

Gum Paste and Fondant are both sugar based and both edible,though not really….delicious. My rule of thumb is that yes, they’re edible…but I wouldn’t. It’s probably a safety feature for those who have kids that pop stuff in their lil’ mouths because it’s already on a cake… with these products, it’s A-OK! Gum paste hardens up and will break if you drop it. Fondant and gum paste can also be combined to make things like fancy cake bows like this one here of larger size. Fondant is softer and doesn’t get quite as hard as gum paste. When you wrap a cake in fondant it doesn’t harden up…the fondant will actually get softer after several hours because of the base of butter-cream that you apply on the cake actually soaks into the fondant making it soft again.

Our final class on Monday we’ll have wrapped our two-tier in fondant and decorated as desired. I’m thinking of doing a red fondant and doing white flowers of some sort and/or variety streaming down the side.

I’ve also posted some of the stuff I’ve been working on. I have to have all my flowers done this weekend because they take a day or so to firm up…so all I’ve have too do Monday is fondant and smooth the cake (yikes…it looks tough) and then arrange my flowers or whatever designs/shapes I come up with on there. These little flowers are pretty…but they are a lot of work, very delicate, but more than anything… time consuming.


But hey, they turn out pretty with a little technique practice…so why not…it’s a healthy hobby: and hopefully profitably hobby in my near future! Just wanted to keep you kids updated since I haven’t posted in a few days. This week seems to be flying by. I did grab a cheesecake from a bakery in Omaha whilst on a job interview yesterday….I feel like  an “OUT” post needs to be had tomorrow!

If it’s not ugly…I’ll see if I can muster up the courage to post my final product next Tuesday- I’m sure it wont’ be anything close to perfect, but gotta start somewhere I suppose. Crossing my fingers for it not to suck real bad. I’m also going to try and make my own fondant sooner than later. Fondant and gum paste is very pricey if you get it all premade. It’s just time consuming and challenging to make your own- but hey…I got 7 weeks on crutches/in a boot. What else am I going to do with two extra hours of time in my day normally spent at the gym!

And for your information…Top Chef:Just Desserts season started up again tonight… YAY. I love making actual meals…but lets face it…dessert is tasty…and delicious…and pretty.


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