Cheesecake: Something I’d Punch A Baby For

I had a job interview in Omaha this Tuesday…and so I figured I’d try to make the most out of the trip and hang with a few of my Omies! I work in downtown Lincoln so it literally takes me 3 minutes to jump on the interstate and head eastbound. I haven’t been up there in geez…3-4 or weeks I think- and as soon as I got on the interstate, I let out the biggest sigh of relief…I was seeing rainbows, candy, and puppies. Just immediate happiness. I can’t believe I used to hate the city. There is always something to do, see, or a new adventure to embark on. Not to mention endless…absolutely endless amounts of foodie spots to hit. I give Omaha and its residents a gold medal for being foodie-supportive. There are a zillion places to pick from…and it seems like they ALL are successful. I feel like people in Omaha don’t mind spending money on food…and I think it’s really where I’m supposed to be when I try to kick off a business of my own eventually. There is just a different appreciation for GOOD food there. I feel like Lincoln is satisfied with their Applebee’s and Red Robin chains with a dabble of funky hipster spots like Bison Witches and Jack’s for a dash of locale. It seems like only a few places really do well here in town…and so many places have to close their newly opened doors because they don’t get enough business.

ANYWAYS- back to the main point. Erika works at Crave… so we went in and had a glass of wine and chatted it up for a bit. Right across the street is Delice European Cafe and Bakery. Any bakery that can float on its own without collecting most of their profits from catering always intrigues me. She’s only been their once before and said it was ‘ok’ but I wasn’t going to let that deter me. Bakery…means cheesecake. GET IN MY MOUF! They have a nice open window glass counter selection. Unfortunately most of the ‘cakes’ were tortes. Nothing wrong with a chocolate torte, but babygirl here needs some cheesecake. After about 5 minutes of crutching back and forth across the counter analyzing my options…torte or cheesecake, torte or cheesecake? I knew there was only two options (not what you think). 1. Get the turtle cheesecake. 2. Get turtle cheesecake AND the chocolate torte. But hey…the gym hasn’t been an option recently since I’ve become a peg-leg pirate…so I couldn’t possibly think about downing two pieces on my own, even it was spread over a couple of days.

There were only about 4 slices left, and I could tell from just looking at it thru the glass that it didn’t have the silky smooth finish from the cuts of the knife like many do. This tells me one of three things. 1. It’s possibly been there for 1+ days already, or 2. the creamcheese-egg-sugar ratio is off or 3. it wasn’t beaten together well enough. OH WELL…still going in my bag!

Here’s the kicker…can y0u believe I waited several hours later till I got back home to Lincoln to try this thing?! I’m just as surprised as you…believe me. I prefer my cheesecake chilled…and it wasn’t at the bakery, so as soon as I gimped home it went directly in the fridge, leaving me anxiously waiting.

So turns out I was right about the texture…definitely not as silky and creamy as it should have been, but it was alright. It wasn’t by any standards the best cheesecake I’ve ever had…but I got over that and started to pick at the assembly of how it was put together. It looked cool…but my fork need to do some further investigating (excuse the pics…I took them with my phone…less than optimal quality). There was waaaay too much graham cracker crust…it’s very heavy, but it does make the individual slices able to stand up prettier on their own without toppling over, so it’s a  give-and-take point there. I’m not a huge pecan fan…but these ones were cut pretty small and paired really nicely to my surprise. Instead of in true turtle fashion having chocolate and caramel drizzled over the top…it was inside!! Which was cool…sigh…but disappointing. The caramel was really sweet and scattered thru the cake. The chocolate however…was just done poorly. They receive a point for using ganache’ but the ganache’ wasn’t very well done and it was in one thick layer about 3/4 of the way in, leaving you with a mouthful of chocolate that was a little too sugary and no cheesecake. It would have faired better being thin whispy layers like the caramel…or hey be traditional and throw it on top.

Would I try their cheesecake again…probably not-I’d go for one of their 7 chocolate torte assortments. Am I glad I picked one up?? ….yep. No cheesecake is bad cheesecake. Fact.


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