Beef Bourguignon: Makes Me Weep Sweet French Tears of Joy

This is why the French are allowed to be snooty and the rest of the world tolerates it. Cause they’re food is amazing (their fashion doesn’t totally suck either). This dish is similar to a pot roast, but somehow those slender cig smokers have managed to make a heavy, hearty, and filling dish…light and delicate, yet filling ? I don’t understand it either, I just eat it.

I’ve been wanting to attempt this recipe for a few years…I’ve seen it on several menu’s but never get enough gumption to order it… and the recipe is quite time consuming, so I haven’t had the proper ingredients plus a measly three hours to just hang around and watch food cook. I had some steak and pork cutlets, alongside a bottle of red wine that had been opened over a week ago and still haven’t finished…so I figured there was no time like the present. (AND potatoes!)

In a hot pan I sizzled the meat, giving it a nice crust and then set  aside. Garlic and onion to the pan now go in. The recipe called for sliced carrots… but I didn’t have any around so I just substituted corn.  Let that hang out for a bit then add the wine and beef broth. I think at this point I was confused…wondering if I thought the dish was ‘pretty’ or unedible looking. The purple color from the wine causes an color scheme I’m not used to… eating.

At this point…I was beginning to get concerned. It was weird looking and not real…flavorful. But hey, everythings’ in the dish…no turning back now. Covered the dish and popped it in the oven for an hour.

After an hour you add cut potatoes and mushrooms. I tasted it and the flavors were finally starting to come together a bit more. Then because this is a real sit and wait kind of dish… covered it back up…and put it in the oven for another hour. Whilst all this waiting I’ve been job searching on the internet (because I’m sure you wanted to know what I was doing) .. at the hour and a half point….I was ready to strain all the wine I’d dumped in the Bourguignon and pour it in a glass. Talk about daunting and frustrating. Incase anyone wasn’t aware…the job market…BLOWS. Sure I can find a job- for 10 bucks an hour… with a degree and 6 years experience I would think I’m worth a little more than that… not to mention I make more at my 30hr a week job then anyone wants to pay apparently. Burnt out on job searching….there is about 10 minutes left on the timer… and now I’m HUNGRY. It’s been 2+ hours, quickly approaching 9pm…I’m ready for it to be done.

I pull the dish out of the oven…the potatoes unfortunately are not done…the meat however… I could have weeped sweet tears of joy because it was absolutely amazing. Falls apart in your mouth, and just soaked up the beef stock, wine, and onion flavors. As hard as it was… I recovered and put it back in the oven for another 25 minutes. As soon as the buzzer went off….I decided that regardless of those potatoes….I was eating!

This is often served…solo, with rice, or potatoes. My liquid was pretty watery, so I made rice….seems weird to eat soupy stuff in the summer. Not that rice makes it less…soupy…ha! Oh well.

Dish, rice, Beef Bourguignon and parsley. It was definitely worth the waiting time. Really flavorful, yet the wine gives it such a delicate taste. I would definitely make this again…but I think I would have a hard time ordering it out. Who knows when they would have made it (or how they would make it) and I guess as delish as it was…I don’t see myself wanting to spend $15 for a bowl when it’s so easy to make at home…you just need some downtime.

I’m sure my ‘workies’ will be passing out high fives…or maybe bringing breakfast tomorrow… because riding solo… there were tons of leftovers. Your welcome clan, your welcome. 🙂

PS…it wasn’t bright purple after 2 hours of soaking in the oven. Pheww.


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