Spicy Curry Turkey Enchiladas

Well…what happens when the cabinets are empty… a few things. 1. Pissy, I haven’t replenished my stock on a timely basis (although I’ve been avoiding numerous trips to the store to try and USE all the stuff I have an accumulated) 2. Happy, because this gives me an excuse to go to the store 3. Creative, literally some of the best things that I’ve thrown together have come from just weird and unexpected combinations. It forces you to really feel out different flavors, spices, and ingredients from your normal comfort zone.

So some not-so stalked shelves and a hungry me, left me scouring for something to throw together. Too much pasta last week so I was avoiding that. I have about every kind of protein in my fridge/freezer but couldn’t think of anything to pair stuff with. It’s really hard cooking for one…and I don’t like having the same dinner two nights in a row (it’s ok….you can call me snooty), but I’ll will eat it for lunch the next day if that makes up for it.

Knowing there are some tortillas about to become questionable, it’s either burrito based or enchiladas. I could DRINK enchilada sauce. Feel free to become squeamish… I can’t help it, I think it’s that good. I don’t frequent Trader Joe’s because it’s mostly prepared food that’s frozen…and I just like making everything from scratch…but I did have a bottle of Enchilada Sauce from one of my first trips there when it opened months back. I’ve been waiting to use it because it’s either just me (dinner, party of one)… or no one wants Mexican. Who doesn’t like enchiladas? BAD PEOPLE, that’s who. I’ve always been a total sucker for enchiladas…yummy sauce, and too much cheese, and whatever array of protein…I don’t care, just get in my face.

Anyways, so after deciding upon enchiladas, I wanted to use some ground turkey I had in the freezer, and regardless of the fact that its turkey… it does have quite a bit of salt and fat in it…so I try really hard when I season things to avoid salt (like all-purpose seasonings- they have lots of salt in them since those who aren’t familiar with seasonings usually buy the “all-purpose” ones) if there’s already quite a bit in it- leading me to eliminate the factor of being able to use one of the ‘taco’ seasoning packets I often use. So attempting to create my own seasoning as healthy as possible, I threw in some diced tomatoes, and let the simmer with the browned turkey in some beef broth, garlic, paprika, chili pepper, and pepper (sorry Shawn). Decent flavor, but a little bland yet….and I’m getting hungrier by the minute…not wanting to let this simmer and soak up more flavor too much longer, I needed a quick fix. Parading thru my spice rack I discover in the back my wonderful authentic curry purchase I made some time ago  at my favorite Arabic store in town. I have a few places where I specifically go to buy certain spices…because they are 1. kickass 2. really cheap 3. three times the quantities sold in the average store. Some of the best ones are super fragrant even thru the packaging. Anyways… so I see this awesome curry powder and decide…well….why not…I guess??? Throw in a decent quantity and hope for the best in about 20 minutes! I guess one benefit to being alone 90% of the time is I don’t have to get embarrassed when I screw up food. If it works…super, another good one for the books, if it doesn’t… I didn’t serve a guest eat crappy fo


Slathering the warmed tortillas in sauce, filled with my custom (and potentially questionable at this point) filling, and a handful of cheese…I rolled them babies up and tossed them in the oven with another coating of sauce and cheese on top. A few minutes later, pulled them with that glorious dark brown enchilada sauce (my new favorite brand for sure!!!) and melted

cheese….I couldn’t hardly wait to throw one on my plate with a dollop of sour cream and parsley.

Decision: AWESOME. I knew it wasn’t going to be traditional because of the added curry…but I really liked the change. I think Mexican or Tex-Mex style food can all taste the same sometimes. All contain a protein, cheese, and lettuce, tomato, and tortilla in some order or another…leaving me often feeling bored with the food style. I would definitely make these again…but let it s

immer a little longer to nab some more flavor. I’m not sure every average

-Joe would be a number one fan of this dish if they would have a hard time breaking away from the traditional flavor profiles…but anyone with a frequent need for change, or that just enjoys different things would die for a forkful of these little suckers!


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