Ba-na-na-na Bread

It’s been awhile since  I turned out a loaf of Banana Bread…and considering I “accidently” bought more bananas than I could eat before they went mush… I figured why not. I have a sincere love-hate relationship with Banana Bread. It’s almost ALWAYS good, but the downfall for me is that it’s quite heavy… So I just eat it in really small portions= win. I opted for a really basic recipe without any horns and whistles. Although I love interesting flavors and food profiles…some things are just better when they’re done simply… so I wanted to keep this one as so. Immediately I began by NOT following instructions… I believe it called for 2 cups of banana… and I had three pretty large ones sitting on the counter….and I wasn’t going to just throw one away…so I didn’t even bother measuring…and threw them in there (later to questionable demise). This particular recipe was with brown sugar…which I wanted… regular white sugar just doesn’t taste as homey too me for this kind of bread. But I was surprised that there also wasn’t any cinnamon or nutmeg ect in it…so I threw a splash of cinnamon in there (next time I’ll do more because it was very, very faint)

All mixed up, and ready to throw in the bread pan (found one!! I had left one in Omaha…thank goodness one survives= but also gave me the reminder…eghhh. Get a new bread/loaf pan, this one sucks… but it’s function was adaquate non the less. Realistically I probably just want a heavier one…and prettier..ha! ) but decided that since I didn’t grab any nuts at the store to put in there…it needed something. So there were oats ontop of the fridge, so I threw a handful in there. Next time…note: Throw two or three handfuls, it was a good call. Banana Oat Bread. I like Banana Nut- but almost ever recipe calls for a different kind of nut, or just generally says ‘nut’.  I need to have a breadbake off and test to see which one is best… and I also like them ground or chopped pretty finely… it’s a weird texture thing for me personally when you have moist bread…and then a weird crunch, feels like it’s not supposed to be there.

All in all…bread was good…definitely needed some more flare like more cinnamon, nutmeg, and more oats….but very homey and comforting. I did think that it was a little gooey in the middle probably from adding too much banana… but still good…and moist as can be.


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