And…It Begins….

So WordPress it is. What prompted this interesting experience I’ve so chosen to embark on? Facebook. Much complaining this morning about other people’s’ annoying Facebook posts habits has led me to believe that maybe not everyone on there enjoys hearing me mumble about food/eating all the time: so now if people want to hear it, they actually have to look for it here. Really it’s away to talk to myself I suppose, get out all this pent-up food-blabber.

I received some fresh zucchini yesterday from a friend… I’ve never used it…ever. So the first thought that came to me was zucchini bread. Figured I’d better start slow, as per the unknown fruits and veggies tend to scare me a little bit.  As I begun to prep by shredding the zucchini and look for the proper cookware…I discovered a terrible…terrible thing. Somehow out of the three bread pans that I have…not a single one exist in my living quarters any longer. Can’t blame this one on the cats (shucks). Must have left ALL of them periodically at different places/gatherings. So mid mixing, I was forced to change up the plan of attack. Well….muffins sound reasonably safe….psssht…AND also delicious.  Within a few clicks and eight to ten recipe scans later… what made the cut may you ask? Chocolate Zucchini Muffins! I haven’t had zucchini since probably at lunch time forcibly in elementary school…which I probably thought was quite questionable back then…. but after a few “accidental” finger dips in the batter… it was definitely all green lights for go.  It took about everything in me not to smoosh (what a great word…say it…out loud. smoosh. Not Jersey Shore Smoosh….food smoosh) up a banana and turn them into Chocolate Banana Zucchini Muffins…I figured hey…let’s work our way up…there’s four more of these babies sitting on the kitchen counter ready for whatever means necessary.

So … the first batch comes out of the oven…and my apartment smells nothing less than ahh-mazing, probably pissing off every neighbor in the musty smelling hall that passes by. These little delights look adorable…but needed a little flare. Never having done a glaze before (I don’t know why…it’s not in the least bit difficult)  I decided that a lemon glaze would pair nicely, leaving me with some extra delicious looking muffins. Now for the taste test… Heavenly bliss…seriously. Hands down the best bread I’ve made in ages. Perfectly cooked, the inside just completely moist, falling apart delicately in your mouth. Not to mention the little hint of lemon from the glaze…really, really hit the spot. I think my best move here was how I prepared the zucchini. It’s supposed to be graded…and looking at several food blogs myself online…many people grade quite thick. I found my finest cheese grader and went to town. My fear was having stringy muffins…which I’m so glad I avoided at all costs… definitely an awkward texture…stringy muffins. Although pleased with the fact that I had an awesome grader to use…my index finger however disagrees. It got nicked not once, not twice, not even three time….I actually lost count, and I had to take a break mid-grade to assess the blood dripping from my finger. Not everyone can say they have a zucchini injury… Regardless…I still feel like I won.


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